Tuesday, February 24, 2009


In keeping with the trend of just having an all out shitty beginning to this year, my Sugarglider, Peanut, died this month. It was tragically caused by Peanut Butter asphyxiation. Ironic that one of her favorite snacks sadly became fatal. I wont go into the details but it was heart wrenching. Look at that face.
I've been on the fence as to whether I am past the grievance stage, and ready for another little companion. So I have decided that I am getting a Hedgehog. They are so cute. Most even enjoy just watching t.v. with you on your lap! If it is a boy, I plan to name it Knuckles, like the character from Sonic. Yes, I know Knuckles was an Echidna.. but, come on, I can't name him Sonic. If it is a girl, then holy hell, cause I can't think of what to name it. Im open to considering new names too. Give me some suggestions. Could you say no to this prickley lil' pal??

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